Travel Dates and Adventure

Now that I’ve (finally) done my duties to the German bureaucracy to get residency for the next two years, it’s time to start putting real effort into this project.

My partner and I are planning on a road trip through northern-eastern Europe come May, and we have some tentative stops in mind: heading east from our place near Hannover towards Berlin, then on to WarsawVilniusRiga, stopping over in Daugavpils, Latvia to visit the family I lived with when I had my month of study at the university there, ferrying over to Helsinki, to Stockholm, to Oslo, heading down south to visit a friend and then taking a ferry to Copenhagen and then driving back home through northern Germany.

In July, we’re heading to Nijmegen, the Netherlands so that B can participate in the annual Vierdaagse walk – if you don’t know what that is, happen to love walking insane distances in short periods of time, consider heading out there! Registration closes on March 31st. B marches 50 km per day for four days, but there are options to march 40 km or 30 km per day. People from all over the world flock to this town, and it’s always a blast.

Following this march, we are considering making a crash-course of Ireland, tentatively ending with a few days in Dublin for interviews. Dates are completely up in the air for this, but if it’s possible I’d love to continue the interview process there. I’m gaining quite a bit of experience wrangling baristas and servers in restaurants.

There are also some up-in-the-air ideas in the works for spending some time in Africa for charity in November of this year. We are planning on entering the Dresden Dakar Banjul car rally. This will take us through France and Spain, and the driving portion of the rally starts in Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal and Gambia. This is three weeks of driving, including a stretch through the Sahara Desert — but the cars that survive are then auctioned off, and the proceeds from this drive benefit rural areas. For example, proceeds from last year’s rally is being used to  build a bakery. Check the site linked above for more info! If I’m not mistake, B and I are picking up a car in Schleswig-Holstein at the end of the month.

I’m hoping to get my life together sometime in the near future, but next summer we are thinking about taking Russia by a storm. Русское приключение, I’d say – a Russian adventure. We’re considering flying to Kaliningrad, then taking the train or flying to Moscow. From Moscow we would take the train to St. Petersburg, and somewhere along the line we’d hop on the Trans-Siberian Railroad to head to the Далный Восток, the Far East – namely Valdivostok and Kamchatka. This will be a great opportunity to use my Russian, and an even greater excuse to brush up on it!

All in all, it doesn’t matter if I have my life together or not. I’m blessed enough with the amazing opportunities ahead of me.


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