ROOTS is a book in three parts: Where We Come From, Where We’re Going, and Why Translation is a Myth. It is a collection of stories from all around the world and a love-letter to language, the foundation of our humanity which brings us together but reveals with great intimacy that which makes us all different.

Where We Come From includes interviews from refugees as well as long-standing immigrants and those whose parents immigrated long ago, recounting tales of their homeland, how they are settling into their new homes, and how they are making peace with their journey.

Where We’re Going focuses on conservation of cultural and language heritage, with interviews from people who have been where they are their whole life. It also glances in the direction of areas in the world where the native language is second to English, such as the efforts to maintain Gaeilge (or Irish-Gaelic) in Ireland or the history and culture on the islands of Hawai’i.

Why Translation Is A Myth tells a story about the world as it is. You’ll hear the “melting pot” analogy tossed around a lot — this idea that a nation or a community should eventually boil down into a single homogenous gloop. However, you’ll find that tradition and heritage aren’t something that can be passed through a dictionary and fit into nice quiet boxes in the attic, the way some people expect when they think of anything “different.” This section explains how people make compromises, what they are completely unapologetic about, and what we, as fellow human beings, can do to embrace that.